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Timesheet Desktop app

Timesheet Desktop app is a newly released version of our desktop app which allows to quickly add time entries and track time. It is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Basically, the desktop app works as a small timesheet installed on your computer so there is no need to log in to the web account each time you want to track time on tasks and projects.

It is a Beta app and we're still working on improving it. Get it here – we truly appreciate your feedback!

In the current version Timesheet desktop app doesn't track computer activities

After you installed and logged in to your account in the desktop app a small Timesheet will appear. It will be automatically synchronized with your web Timesheet.

In the top part, you can navigate between days and weeks. The summary of tracked time will be also visible under each day. In the right upper corner, you can find settings and some additional options under the 3 vertical dots button. The main table will allow you to quickly start timer or manually create a time entry.

Track time

Timesheet desktop app allows adding time in two ways: tracking time in real time and manually adding time entries

You can assign not only tasks and define entries' timeframes but also add tags, notes and decide if time for certain entries should be counted as billable.

Start timer

To track time in real time you can click on the green Start timer button. Next, assign a task, optionally add tags, notes and define whether time for this entry should be billable. When finished click on the green Start timer button.

Please keep in mind that real-time tracking is possible only for the current day. If you would like to add time to the past or future days you can do it only manually.

Add time manually

To add time entry and define its timeframes click on the Add time entry button or on the plus icon next to the "Start timer" option. Next, assign a task, optionally add tags and notes, set the timeframes of your entry and define whether time for this entry should be billable. When finished click on the green Add entry button.

Edit/Delete time entry

After your Timesheet is filled in you'll see the list of all time entries added within a selected day. Each time entry contains information about assigned task, tags, notes, start and end time, and billable flag. 

In case you'd like to change the details of time entry or delete it click on the specific time entry. Next, you can edit all its values and Save changes. If you wish to delete it click on the red Delete time entry button.

Tags and tasks can be created only in a web version.


Timer widget allows to quickly choose a task and start/stop the timer. You don't have to open the entire Timesheet to create entires and can use this widget without leaving a website or application you're currently working on.

To enable the Timer widget, first navigate to Settings, scroll down in the General tab and tick the checkbox next to the Show timer widget option.

From now on, each time you close the timesheet, a timer widget will appear. You can also open it and hide the timesheet using a Show widget from the menu here:


To start timer click on the green "start" icon. Next click on the "No task (select now)" option to open an editor panel and assign task to your time entry. Optionally you can add notes, tags and define whether time should be billable. When finished click on the green "Save" button.

To manually add time entry click on the "No task (select now)" option to open an editor panel. Next assign a task and define start and stop time of your entry. Optionally you can add notes, tags and define whether time should be billable. When finished click on the green "Add entry" button.

Widget functionalities will be improved in the next release.


Timesheet desktop app settings are divided into 3 sections: General, Timer and Reminders.

After you edit any of the available options, changes will be saved automatically. To go back to Timesheet click on the Back button in the left bottom corner.

General section contains the following information and options:

  • The email address of logged account and the option to Log out;
  • Link to your Profile settings which redirects to a web account;
  • Option to automatically start TimeCamp at system startup;
  • Enable dark mode or choose mode based on your OS;
  • Choose language.  Currently only English and Polish are available;
  • Check updates and download the latest version;
  • Enable timer widget, optionally set its position and reduce opacity;

Reduce widget opacity is available only on macOS.

Timer section allows to define a few time tracking rules and how exactly time entries will be ordered. Here you'll find the following options:

  • Sort time entries by time added, ascending or descending;
  • Synchronise timeframe with duration. If this option is turned on, the start, end, and duration times will be automatically adjusted to match each other while editing time entries. Learn more

Reminders section provides the option to choose whether you'd like to receive pop-up notifications with reminders when timer is running for too long or when you forgot to start the timer:

  • Set how many hours the timer could run before a reminder appears;
  • Set how many minutes could pass after opening the application and NOT starting a timer before a reminder appears;

If values are set to "0", no reminder will appear.

Next to Settings, you will notice a "3 vertical dots" button with a dropdown menu with the following options:

  • Redirection to your TimeCamp web account;
  • Redirection to Real-time dashboard report on your web account;
  • Show task widget;
  • App version (under About);
  • Share your feedback;
  • Exit the desktop app;