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TimeCamp is a time-tracking system with multiple features that allow you to monitor computer activity. On top of logging time, the system helps track your employees’ activity to ensure they are keeping on task by collecting data to generate reports on application and webpage usage. TimeCamp also gives the ability to categorize and automatically calculate the productivity of time spent at the computer and – optionally – set up a way to account for time spent away from your computer as well.

The Dashboard feature is available only in Premium and Ultimate plans.

The basic view of the dashboard presents a summary of time spent by the user in the selected time period. A more in-depth analysis can be performed by selecting a predefined period or by setting up your own using the calendar to designate the time period being appraised.

An example of a group report after choosing a few users from the People picker:

An example of a personal report after choosing only one user from the People picker:

The desktop application must be installed to track computer time and activities

What information is available on a dashboard?

All users can view their own time. Administrators and Supervisors are able to view registered activities for users who they manage.

On the left-hand side, you can find basic indicators that show a brief summary of the time recorded by the desktop application.

  •  The Tool Usage indicator shows the percentage of time spent on applications qualified as productive or neutral. Of course, you can adjust your own parameters to determine the productivity of the application or website.

  • The Per Day indicator calculates the average of daily time spent on active work on a computer in the selected time period.

  • The Total Time indicator presents the sum of registered time in a given period during active work on the computer.

  • The Distracted Time indicator shows the total and the percentage of time spent on applications and websites categorized as unproductive.

All indicators are interactive and after clicking on them, will redirect you to more detailed computer time reports. 

On the right-hand side, you’ll find information about goals which can be defined in the Computer time → Goals section. Simply click on the "See more" button and you'll be redirected to the Goals settings.

The Day Time chart represents the sum of the time collected each day in the selected time period. Please note that the bars in the chart are interactive. If you click on one of them, you will be redirected to a detailed summary of the selected day.

It is possible to change the view from a total time to a time divided into projects. Simply click on the projects icon in the upper-right corner of the graph.


Bar graphs at the bottom of the page present time divided into individual applications/websites and categories to which the activities are assigned. Activities labeled as unproductive are marked in red.


The final graph represents time divided into projects you were working on during the selected date period.

You can change the graph view into a pie view by clicking on the iconic upper-right corner of each graph.