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Attendance basics

The Attendance module is a great option if you want to use TimeCamp to manage your account users' time and their days off. You can see the start and end of your working day,  track efficiency, and manage vacation hours, holidays, or sick leaves.

Attendance report

Depending on the type of data you selected in settings the Attendance report will look different. Here you'll find information about all the differences, possible filter options, and examples of downloaded excel sheets.

Day type

The day type option allows users to define whether it is a working or non-working day, add sick leave, vacations, and holidays, set the remote work, business trips, etc. It may help to improve the company's payroll system.

Vacations & Holidays

With the Attendance module, you can define specific days as holidays or set up a number of vacation hours to use for each user. In addition, you can assign specific tasks as Holidays and Vacations to generate task reports.

Export days off to Calendar New

From now on you can export day types from the Attendance report to your Calendar. With this feature, you can export all day types except for working days, non-working days, and remote work.


With Time Camp you can not only track what tasks and activities your employees work on but also monitor if they log overtime hours and limit their tracking timeframes.