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Computer Activities

Computer Activities basics

TimeCamp is a time-tracking system with multiple features that allow you to monitor computer activity. After adjusting the settings application can not only monitor your time but also register names of visited websites and apps and how much time you spent working on them.

Away Time

The desktop application registers the time when the computer is actively used. If for a certain time (previously defined in settings) you don’t use a mouse or keyboard, the application will register your time away from the computer.

Sites and Apps

In the Activities section, you can check the names of websites and applications that you’ve visited. You can use a Date range filter for a better search.

Activity categories

The categories section allows you to create a report based on groups of categories your activities are assigned to. There are 3 types of category status.


The timeline report shows a chronological view of registered computer activities. The timeline report is available only in the online version, it can’t be exported.


The goals section allows you to create goals and compare how much time you spent working on a computer and what type of application you were working on.


In the efficiency report, you can check and compare time spent on Top productive and Top Unproductive activities. The graph report also allows you to see the percentage difference between productive and unproductive activities during your workday.

User statistics

This report shows the login statistics of all users who joined the account. Here you'll find information about the desktop app version and the last time of sync between the desktop app and web account. 


Recording screenshots is an optional feature available after installing the TimeCamp desktop app. If you'd like to monitor employees' work and see how exactly they spend their time while working, it's a great tool to implement.