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In the Users section, you can manage your coworkers’ accounts. You can invite new users, set their roles on the account, and define special tracking permissions.


TimeCamp allows you to recreate your company’s structure. Groups are extremely helpful if you have many users or need different settings for each group of people.

Account roles and permissions

TimeCamp allows you to create an expanded organizational structure of users. You can create multiple groups with separate settings and switch between 3 default user privileges classes.

Account Owner

There is only one Account Owner and all data legally belongs to this person. Only the account owner can transfer ownership of the account to another person or delete the account.

Deleting and disabling users

There are 2 options for removing inactive users from the account. The first way is to entirely delete this user's account. And the second way is to disable such a user. Disabled users won't be counted into the license limit but all their tracked time will be visible in the reports.

Profile settings

Profile settings allow users to change their email address, password, screen mode, language, define email notifications, and set time tracking reminders.

Email notifications

We've prepared a few email notifications that each user can enable or disable in their profile settings. Users can decide whether they prefer to receive certain reminders or if they wish to turn off some of these notifications.