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Add & Track time

Timesheet is one of the main sections in TimeCamp where you can track time to your projects, create and edit time entries and optionally add notes or tags for better categorizing. We prepared two types of timesheets: day view and calendar view.

Editing, copying, and moving time entries

We prepared a few options which will help you to edit and make some changes to tracked time. Here you’ll find information about editing the timeframes of your entries, moving, merging, and copying them to other days. 

How does the option “Synchronise timeframe with duration” work?

By default “Synchronise timeframe with duration when editing time entry” is turned on. It means that the duration time will be automatically adjusted while editing the timeframes of entry.

Unassigned computer activities

Unassigned computer time appears on your timesheet automatically if you didn’t track time on a task but the desktop application was still running. The time of this entry doesn’t count into the sum of time collected for a specific day.

Time tracking settings

To properly set the rules of tracking time in your organization and define tracking permissions for users we've prepared a bunch of settings for that purpose.