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Tags - basics

Tags are very helpful for organizing and classifying tracked time in TimeCamp. You can create your own lists with an unlimited number of tags inside. Tags can be added to projects, tasks, or even single-time entries. They will be helpful in reporting and invoicing the correct time entries.

Tags are available only in Premium and Ultimate plans. Only the Administrator from the main parent group can create and manage Tags.

First, it is necessary to create a tag list. Then only you can add tags to this list.


You can assign your tags to projects, tasks, and specific time entries.  Tags are very useful for reporting purposes as you can simply filter any report by your Tag Lists or Tags.

Popular usage scenarios for Tags:

  • Tags as Clients – name your Tags after clients and while tracking your time and selecting a project, assign a specific Client to the time you have tracked. This will allow you to not only group your time by projects but by clients as well.

  • Tag Lists as Tasks template – in case you’d like to use the same set of subtasks for any project you work on, instead of manually creating subtasks within each project you can set up a Tag List with subtasks as Tags. Such list can be easily updated later on in case you’d decide to add or remove some elements from it.

  • Labels / Categories – in case you need to label your time in any way, you can use Tags to accomplish this goal. Your needs determine what you’d use labels for. For example, you can Tag your overtime work or divide your time tracking into personal and professional tags.

Enable Tags feature

To enable the Tags feature, click on your avatar in the upper-right corner and select the Account Settings option.  Next, go to the Modules tab, find the Tags module, and click on the switch button to enable Tags. After the module is enabled click on its Settings.

Please be noted that only the Administrator of the account has access to Settings.

After the module is enabled you can find the Tags section on the left side menu. If you decided not to use the Tags module you can simply disable it in the Modules tab.

Create lists and tags

Only the Administrator from the main parent group can create and manage Tags.

Before adding tags you need to create a list.

To create a tag list click on the  +Add tag lists green button,  name the list, and click on the green Add button. Tag lists show in alphabetical order.

Lists are not tags - you still need to add your tags to the list.

After creating a list you can add an unlimited number of tags to this list.

To add tags to your lists, navigate to the list and click on the button next to it. Type down the name of the tag and save it by clicking the Add button.

You can add an unlimited number of tags to each of your list. Tags and lists can be edited at any time. 

In case you don't use a certain tag or list anymore, you can archive it. Archiving a tag or list won't affect the history of your time records.