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Geofencing allows live monitoring of employees' locations. Whenever employees enter the identified location, TimeCamp mobile app sends a notification and automatically starts tracking time.

With this feature, you can easily assign employees to the chosen location, so that app will recognize where they are and how many hours they spent there.

Geofencing is available to all subscription plans.

Enable Geofencing

Only the Administrator of the account can enable the Geofencing feature.

To enable the Geofencing feature, click on your avatar in the upper-right corner and select the Account Settings option. Next, go to the Modules tab, find the Geofencing module, and click on the switch button to enable Geofencing. 

Only Administrators and Supervisors will have access to the Geofencing section.

System navigation

After being redirected to the Geofencing website you'll find a couple of modules on the left side menu:

  • Dashboard
  • Real time map
  • Jobsites
  • Report

Let's walk through all the options available in these tabs.


Dashboard shows the general statistics of your team.  Here you can view how many hours were logged through the current week,  the average working hours per user per day, and the number of currently active users.

Real time map

Here you can check on the map where exactly each member of your team works in real-time. You can search for a specific user or JobSite or view the full list of locations and assigned users.


JobSites are specific physical locations where your work takes place. You can add as many job sites as you wish, there is no limit.

After your team enters the job site, TimeCamp will automatically start tracking time. When they leave the JobSite, a timer will be automatically stopped. 

JobSites will allow you to monitor when exactly and for how long your team has been working on a specific location.


Report shows the summary of tracked time on locations.  You can check who and when entered and exited a certain JobSite. 

Data can be filtered by date range or by JobSite. In addition, you can group the report by day, by jobsite, or by person. 

How does it work?

First start with creating Job Sites and assigning them to specific users from your Team.

Click on the green button Add JobSite and fill in its name and address. The maximum radius you can set is 1000m. Instead of entering the location, you can also pick it directly on the map.

Move to the second step to assign users or the entire group of users to this JobSite. After adding users choose a specific task for this location and optionally enable notifications. When all the data is filled in save your changes.

Each Jobsite requires assigning users and tasks otherwise timer won't be started automatically when entering the location.

Next, users need to install TimeCamp mobile app on their phones and allow GPS tracking. Learn more

That's it! After users enter the target location timer will be automatically started. If notifications for the JobSite are enabled users will receive an alert when a timer has been started and stopped.

JobiStes can be edited or deleted at any time. Click on the "3 dots" icon next to the jobsite and select one of the available options.

After entering a JobSite timer will be started and a time entry with a predefined task will be automatically created on users' timesheets. It will allow you to generate different types of more specific reports in the Reports section. Learn more