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Billable and non-billable time

Tracked time in TimeCamp can be defined as billable or non-billable. The difference between these two types is that billable time can be easily added to the Invoice. If time is non-billable it won’t be possible to invoice this time. Also, you can filter tracked time by billable and non-billable flags in the Reports.

If you would like to check and compare how much billable and non-billable time you tracked, simply use the Billable filter in the Reports section.

 Billable time is available in Premium and Ultimate plans.  By default all projects and tasks are billable.

How to mark time as billable?

It is possible to set up time as billable in two ways:

  1. You can define whether the time for a certain task should be billable by default. Simply go to the Project module, click on a certain task/project and tick the checkbox in the edit panel. If you create a task, it will automatically copy the billable/non-billable flag from its parent task or parent project.

The Administrator's privileges or the Project Manager's role is required to access the task’s edit panel.

Please keep in mind, it is not possible to change in bulk the billable or nonbillable status for the past time entries.  The new status will be applied only from the moment you change settings and it won't affect the history of tracked time.


  1. You can mark certain time entries as billable or non-billable. Every user has the ability to do that, while they enter their time. You can make time entry billable or non-billable by going to the Timesheet, hovering a mouse on a particular time entry, and clicking on the $ icon.

If the Administrator turns off the option to change the billable flag, Users won’t be able to edit it on their Timesheet.