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Billing rates history

The billing rates history feature will allow you to use different rates (for a specific project or user) in a different timeframe. The billable reports will also show time tracked according to old and new billing rates.

If the history is turned off every change in the billing rates will be applied to all previous and future time entries. 

But if the history is turned on changes will be applied only to future time entries and the already tracked time will be counted according to old billing rates.

Rates history is available only in Premium and Ultimate plans.

Here is a small example of how the reporting looks when the rates history is enabled and a new billing rate was applied:

How to enable the billing rates history?

To enable this feature, open the Billing Rates module on the left side menu.

You'll find the option Use rate value history on the left-hand side. Turn it ON and click on the green Save settings button.

From now on you can find the additional tab under the Specific Rates section named Rates history.

How to edit the history of billing rates?

The Rates history tab allows checking when and what rate was applied. If you need to edit some of your rates from the past, here you can change the start date of that rate and its value

For example, if you changed the rate to one of your projects and the history feature is enabled, the new rate would be applied to all your time entries since the day you edited it. For all previous time entries, the old billing rate would be counted. If you need to change the old rate for previous time entries or change the timeframes of this rate, you can go to the Rates history tab and change its values.

First, you can use some of the filters we prepared to find the specific row you're looking for. You can filter rates by:

  • type of rate (revenue/cost);
  • group, user, or task the rate is assigned to;
  • date when the rate applies;
  • value of the rate;

Next, to edit the Start date simply click on the timeframes filed and select the new date from the Calendar. 

To change the rate value click on the appropriate field and input a new value.

Please don't forget to click on the green button Save rates changes at the bottom of the page.