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How to define specific billing rates?

Instead of using the default rates, you can create specific individual rates for your Users or Projects.  This option will be helpful if you work on multiple tasks and bill your clients or employees differently.

The Time Tracking Administrator's privileges are required to access the settings and define rates.

By going to the Billing Rates tab in Settings, you’ll be able to set up individual values for created rates for specific groups, users, or projects. You can set three types of rates:

  1. For specific users/ groups

  2. For specific projects

  3. For specific users in specific projects only

It is not possible to set a monthly rate per User or per Project. All rates are defined per hour.

If no value is set for a specific billing rate, the default rate will apply (available to set in general billing settings).

Billing rates for Users&Groups

In the Users & Groups tab, you’ll be able to set up rates for a specific group (or subgroup), as well as a separate rate for the specific user. If no value is selected, the user will inherit the value from the group’s setting.  Inherited values are greyed-out, while individual rates look a bit sharper.

Billing rates for Projects

You can also set up individual rates for the specific project. This can be done under the Projects & Users in projects tab. Of course, each subtask can have its own rate as well. By default, subtasks inherit values from their parent task.

Billing rates for Users in Projects

To set up a rate for a specific user IN a specific project, stay on the Projects & Users in projects tab. Click on the name of the project you wish to edit rates for. The new table will appear at the bottom. Here you can set up individual rates for users within the selected project. Please be noted that it will also apply to all subtasks of the edited project.


Which rate will be counted?

Which rate will be counted if different rates are set for an individual user, for a project, and for a user in this project?

The rates will be counted as in the examples below NO MATTER how high or low values have been set:

If the individual rate for a user is 50$/h, the project rate is 70$/h, the project rate will be counted for this User. 

If the individual rate for a user is 50$/h but the rate for this user in a specific project is 30$/h, the rate in the project will be counted in the reports.

If the individual rate for a user is 50$/h, the rate for a project is 70$/h and the rate for the user in this project is set as 30$/h, then the most specific type of rate for a User in this project will be counted in the reports.

 As you can see the most specific rate is treated as the main value. So if you use only Users' rates without specifying them in projects, you can keep the Projects' rates empty.