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Computer Activities basics

TimeCamp is a time-tracking system with multiple features that allow you to monitor computer activity. After adjusting the settings application can not only monitor your time but also register names of visited websites and apps and how much time you spent working on them. 

Computer Activities reports are located on the left side menu:

Computer Activities reports are available only in Premium and Ultimate plans.

To track computer time and activities a TimeCamp desktop app should be installed on your computer.


In the Computer Activities reports you can check the amount of registered away time, e.g when you were on a break or were doing offline work, check what activities were tracked, and define their categories. 

Various types of computer activities reports also allow you to compare the efficiency of your work, define goals and check app statistics such as the last synchronization time or the number of loggings.

Keep in mind that in the background desktop app tracks only computer time and activities. For tracking time to projects and tasks, you should use manual or automatic time tracking mode.

The computer activities feature will allow you to define the specific timeframes during the workday when activities should be tracked, and decide if the application should track only the computer time or both the computer time and activities. Also, you can set up the amount of private time for users and add the away time activity.

Administrators and Supervisors are able to view registered activities for users who they manage.

Computer Activities settings

Here you can find the description of some settings that can help to organize your work and define time-tracking rules. Click on your avatar in the upper-right corner and select the Account Settings option. You'll be redirected to the General tab where you can use the shortcut to get to the Computer Activities settings.

  • Track computer activity - the desktop app will track computer time (turn on/off times, usage, the away time).

  • Track only computer activities when a timer for task is running - the desktop app will register computer time and activities only when you start a timer for a task. If the timer is not running, no activities and computer usage will be registered.

  • Track window titles - the desktop app will register the names of all websites and applications you visit while working.

  • Allow users to delete time registered by desktop application - if this option is enabled users will be able to delete their registered activities. if the option is disabled only the Administrator of the account will be able to remove activities.
  • Dismiss computer activities overlapping other computer activities that are already logged - if you installed the TimeCamp desktop app on multiple devices and work on them at the same time this setting won't allow overlapping activities. Additionally, it prevents adding offline activities (away time) over the already logged computer activities.
  • When starting, keep tracking to the last task - if enabled, the desktop app will automatically start tracking time to the previously selected task after your turn on your computer or return from the break.
  • Allow for closing the desktop application - this setting will allow users to close the desktop app without requesting an Administrator's password. If this option is disabled, users have to enter the Administrator's password to close the TimeCamp desktop app.
  • Keep all computer usage tracking information entirely private and not shared with anyone besides the user that tracked that time - if enabled each user will have access only to their own tracked time. Administrators and Supervisors won't be able to view time tracked by users they manage. All activities will be entirely private.

  • Allow users to have private time each day for - refers to private time available in the desktop app. The application will stop registering activities after user selects the Private time option from the menu.
  • Do not allow adding away time activity before first and after last activity on a computer - if enabled users won't be able to manually add the offline time before thefirst and last registered activities.
  • Choose away time activity after - refers to defining the idle time for users who use the desktop app widget. If enabled the system will automatically send an inquiry to the user and ask about their offline activity.
  • Define away time activities - allows to list and define various acceptable activities for your employees to manage the time they spent away from the system. 

To learn more about the away time settings please visit this article.

  • Choose a task, when desktop application can not match any keyword - this setting refers to the automatic time tracking mode. If application can't match any keyword, the desktop app will show a new window where you can manually assign a task.
  • Allow users to log overtime activities - allows users to track computer time before and after timeframes defined in the Track time in specific hours table. Users will be able to choose a "Log overtime" option in the desktop app menu if they are working beyond predefined hours.
  • Stop tracking when computer is unused for -  if the computer is unused for a certain time, e.g. 5 minutes, the desktop app will stop recording time and activities. This time will be added as the away time.

  • Switch to "no task" when desktop application can not match any keyword for - this setting refers to the automatic time tracking mode. If the setting is enabled and application will switch to "no task" and stop tracking time if can't match any keyword after the customized time.
  • Stop tracking time, when daily hours limit is reached - define the number of hours users can track each day. For example, if you set the limit of 8 hours on Monday and the user started work at 8 am the desktop app will stop tracking computer time and activities after 4 pm. If you keep this setting unchanged no limit will be set.
  • Disable split away time data - refers to the Away time feature. If this setting is enabled users won't be able to split the time of the registered breaks.

  • Track time in specific hours - define working hours when the desktop app should track computer time and activities. The application will not register any data before or after the defined hours.

If you leave any field blank while filling at least one field, then application won't track time during the days which fields were left blank. For example, if you set tracking hours from 6 AM till 6 PM on Monday but leave Tuesday-Sunday blank, then time will be tracked only on Monday in the chosen period.