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Turn off the approvals feature for specific users

After enabling the Timesheet Approvals feature, by default all users will have to submit their timesheets. We provide a setting that helps to turn off the approvals feature for specific users.

Only the Administrator of account can manage this setting. Users and Supervisors can't change it for themselves.

All you have to do is to turn off the option Should send timesheets for approval in the user's profile settings.

To do that navigate to the Users module on the left side menu and click on the user's name to open their profile settings. Next, scroll down to the Time tracking permissions section and remove a tick from the checkbox next to the Should send timesheets for approval. Don't forget to Save your changes.

If the option is disabled, user won't have to submit a timesheet and won't receive any notifications regarding submitting their timesheet. 

Users who should not submit their timesheets won't be visible on the list of users in the Timesheet Approvals module. In addition, such users won't see the button Submit for Approval on their Timesheet.

We don't provide a bulk edit option here, profile settings should be adjusted for each user separately.