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Jira plugin

TimeCamp offers a rich Jira integration, allowing you to track time on your stories, bugs, and other programming stuff. We’ve also created a Jira plugin that helps to track time to tasks within Jira.

Once the TimeCamp plugin is added all users connected to Jira account will be able to track time within Jira.

To work properly, integration with Jira must be enabled on your TimeCamp account first.

The Jira plugin is available only to a Cloud version. If your account is connected to a Jira Server (Selfhosted) version, then unfortunately it won't be possible to add the plugin.


Add Jira plugin

You can find our “Timecamp Time Tracking” application on the Jira marketplace. Simply search for ‘timecamp’ and install the app. You can also use this direct link.

Track time with Jira plugin

After the installation is completed, you can navigate to the desired item to start tracking time. If you’re not logged into your TimeCamp account, you’ll be asked to do so. 

Open the item you wish to track time on and click on the Start/Stop timer button on the right-hand side to open the full plugin view or simply use a quick "Start timer" button on the left-hand side of your item view. 

With a Quick Timer option, you can simply start and stop tracking time to the opened item.

By clicking on the Start/Stop timer button in the Details table, a full plugin view will be opened. You'll get information about task statistics, such as estimated time, remaining time and tracked time. Optionally you can assign tags and notes to the time entry while starting the timer.

The estimated time should be previously defined in Jira.

Apart from tracking in real-time, plugin allows to add time manually by settings the date, start time, stop time, and duration. After inputting the proper values click on the Add time entry button.

Jira plugin and TimeCamp timesheet will synchronize in real-time.

Uninstall Jira plugin

To remove the plugin please go back to the Jira marketplace, open the Manage apps section, and click the Uninstall button under the TimeCamp app.