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Browser plugin

Another way to track time in TimeCamp is to use a browser plugin. The plugin is available in Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Trello power-up

Except for the browser plugin you can also use TimeCamp Power-Up in Trello. It will allow you to track time and generate time reports on any Trello card to know on which tasks you spent most of your time.

Jira plugin

TimeCamp offers a rich Jira integration, allowing you to track time on your stories, bugs, and other programming stuff. We’ve also created a Jira plugin that helps to track time to tasks within Jira.

Azure DevOps plugin

 We’ve also prepared an option to track time to items within Azure DevOps using a TimeCamp plugin. To work properly, integration with Azure DevOps must be enabled on your TimeCamp account first.

Zendesk plugin

We’ve created a special Zendesk app that helps track time on your tickets directly from Zendesk. Once the TimeCamp plugin is added all users connected to Zendesk account will be able to track time within Zendesk.

The full list of +100 plugin integrations

Below you will find the list of platforms that are supported by our Chrome Plugin and Microsoft Edge Plugin. After you install the browser plugin a start timer button will be added next to your tasks/items on the supported website.