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The Kiosk feature allows your coworkers to clock in and out of work with their individual pins without them having to turn on their computers. It's an ideal solution for those who don't need to track time on tasks or projects but still require to monitor the time of starting and finishing work.

Kiosk is available to all subscription plans.

How to enable Kiosk?

To enable the Kiosk feature, click on your avatar in the upper-right corner and select the Account Settings option. Next, go to the Modules tab, find the Kiosk module, and click on the switch button to enable Kiosk. After the module is enabled click on its Settings.

Only the Administrator of the account can enable the Kiosk feature.

After enabling the module, individual pins will be assigned to users' accounts. Each pin is randomly generated and has 4 digits from 1 to 9. 

Currently, only the Administrator of the account has access to users' pins. The Administrator has to share pins with users they belong to.

In module settings, you can find a link to Kiosk which you can copy and paste on any of your devices.

Prepare the device

After the Kiosk module is enabled the account Administrator has to prepare the device users will be using. It can be only 1 or multiple devices, but all of them require the Administrator's API token.

The Kiosk link will redirect you to the logging platform where Administrator has to enter their token. 

The entered token will be valid for 30 days. After it is expired, the account Administrator needs to input a token again.

When Administrator is logged in with a token users will be able to clock in and clock out one by one using their individual pins.

If you're using a tablet, we recommend pinning the Kiosk link to your home screen for quick access. Check the instructions on how to Add a shortcut on iOS and how to Pin app on Android

Clock in and out 

After the Admin's API Token is entered on each device you're going to use, users can type their individual pins to clock in and clock out.

The minimum time between clocking in and out must be 30 minutes.

To clock in one by one they can enter their pin and click on the Done button. If a pin is correct a successful message will appear.

To clock out users should one by one enter their pin and click on the Done button. If a pin is correct a successful message will appear.

Here is a short record of how exactly the Kiosk feature works:


To check the reports please navigate to your TimeCamp web account and choose the Attendance report on the left side menu.

Administrators and Supervisors have access to all users' data from their team. Users can only check their own reports.

In the Attendance report you can check 3 columns that represent the time clocked by Kiosk:

  • First time entry - time of clock in;
  • Last time entry - time of clock out;
  • Total time between first and last time entry - time between clocking in and out;

Please be noted that in the Attendance settings, the option Use data from should be set to Timesheets.