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Reports Basics

The TimeCamp Reporting module allows you to generate summaries from data gathered in our system. We prepared multiple types of reports and filters which should help to get all the information you need.

Reports are available in all subscription plans and for all account roles.

Every user is able to create a report based on their own tracked time. Project Managers and Time Tracking Administrators can also generate reports for the people they manage.

In TimeCamp there are four options, that allow you to share/save reports. After generating a report (choosing either from already existing templates or creating your own custom one) you can send it or export it in a chosen file format.

To create a report navigate the Reports module on the left side menu, select one of the available reports types and adjust filters to your needs.

Reports show only time tracked on projects and tasks. The computer time and activities reports you can find in the Computer Activities module.

Reports filters

Every report contains a list of filters that you can use to categorize your tracked time:

Here you can define a date range, e.g today, this week, this month, custom range, etc. Next, select the projects you would like to generate data for and confirm it with the Apply button. You can also filter active and archived tasks and decide if the report will show time with tags or notes. The additional functionality is to filter time with invoiced, billable, and unbillable status. 

Project Managers and Time Tracking Administrators can also use the People filter to select users from groups they manage to create reports for the entire Team.

If you add notes to your time entries you can also use a Note filter. Notes should be input manually.

Exporting the report

TimeCamp allows to export the report using 3 different options:

  • Share with a link

  • Export to Google Spreadsheet

  • Download as an Excel, PDF, or CSV file

Simply click on the Export button and select one of the available options:

Please be noted that in a Free plan the only available export format is PDF.

If you would like to use the option Export to Google Spreadsheet, please make sure your browser doesn’t block such notifications or create an exception for TimeCamp before you proceed with exporting.

Periodical emails

Periodical emails are available only in Premium and Ultimate plans.

The additional functionality is to set periodical emails. This option allows you to determine recipients, set the frequency of receiving your emails, and designate the date from which reports will be activated. It’s also crucial to use predefined time periods like “This Week, Last Week”, and not manually choose a date in the calendar. Otherwise, this report will be sent in a fixed timeframe.

To view and edit the list of already enabled periodical emails, click on the See all periodical emails option and delete emails that you don't need anymore.

Time without task assigned

If you have an empty entry without a selected task on your Timesheet, this time will appear as “time without task assigned ” in the Reports:

To allocate this time just click on the “time without task assigned ” and you’ll be redirected to a time report where you can check all time entries without selected tasks:

To edit a particular entry simply click on the duration time of this entry and you'll be redirected to your Timesheet where you can assign a task or remove this time entry.