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Summary NEW

It is an updated view of the Summary report which allows checking the total time tracked on tasks and projects. You can use a date range filter, select users who tracked time, and choose projects you would like to create a report for. Optionally you can also set an approval or invoiced status.

If you’re a Project Manager or Time Tracking Administrator and choose a few users from your Team in a People picker, the report will show the total time tracked by all users for a selected date range and projects

The top part of the report will show the total tracked time for the selected filters and the amount of billable and non-billable time. You can hide or make visible this part of the report at anytime

On the left-hand side of the report, you’ll see the list of selected projects and their total time. If those projects contain tasks and subtasks, you can expand the list to view the full project tree and sort time ascending or descending.

On the right-hand side, you’ll find a graphical chart that shows the total amount of tracked hours as well as the detailed amount and time percentage for each project after you hover a mouse over a particular color part.

Additional functionality that we provide in this view is to group your data by two different values according to your needs. You can group time by task level, people, or tags. You can choose only one type of grouping or two types at once.
Here is an example of grouping report by 2 categories, the report shows tasks within the selected level and after expanding the list we can see users who tracked time on these tasks:

If you decide to group time in the Summary report sometimes you might notice the Records omitted in this grouping position. It refers to time that is not included in the selected group. For example, if you group time by 3rd level, Records omitted in this grouping will sum up and represent time of entries that are assigned to the 2nd and 1st task levels.

You can switch between Summary and Detailed reports with just one click.