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Detailed NEW

It is an updated view of the Detailed report which allows listing all time entries within a selected period. Some new functionalities allow also editing and deleting time entries. Here you’ll find separate columns for each task, each user, and the timestamp of each entry. All your time entries will be shown separately with their total time, timestamps, and added notes or tags.

The Detailed report also allows the modification of tasks, notes, tags, billable flags, and timestamps of each entry within the selected period.

The top part of the report will show the total time tracked for the selected filters and the amount of billable and non-billable time. You can hide or make visible this part of the report at anytime

Next, you’ll see the list of selected projects, tasks, and subtasks. The report contains name of the user who tracked time, added tags and notes, billable flag of each entry, the detailed timestamp and duration time of each entry.

You can manually expand or narrow each column's width. 

By default, report is sorted by a column Tracked Time. If you'd like to sort by a different column, first turn off the default sorting by clicking twice on the Tracked Time column and next click on a target column to sort it.

Let's go through options that could be modified within the Detailed report:

  • Tags -under each task, you'll find information about assigned tags. If no tag is added or you would like to add a different tag, you can simply click on the tag icon and modify tags to this particular time entry. 

  • Billable - if time entry was marked as billable on your Timesheet a green "dollar" icon will be visible next to this entry in the Detailed report. If time entry wasn't marked as billable then the Billable column will be empty. You can edit the billable flag at any time, simply click on its field to add or remove a "dollar" icon.

  • Notes - next to each task there is a Notes column. You can edit the note as well as add a new note at any time. Simply click on the note field next to the selected time entry.

  • Time - if you would like to edit the timeframes of your entry click on the timestamp part in a row and change its date or time. After entering the correct values don't forget to click the green Apply button. 

After hovering mouse on a row with a specific time entry, a few additional options you can apply to this entry will appear:

  • Task's time report - you can easily navigate to the time report of a specific task. This report will allow you to view the list of all time entries assigned to the task, check what activities were registered to that task, compare its budget, cost, and income statistics. 

  • Delete - the additional functionality we provide is the option to delete a specific time entry within the Detailed report. Click on the "trash" icon next to the selected entry.

Each user can delete their own time entries. In addition, users with Time Tracking Administrator permission can delete entries created by other users.

If the approvals feature is enabled and the timesheet is already submitted or approved it won't be possible to delete or edit time entries that belong to the submitted/approved timesheet.

If certain time tracking settings which block the ability to edit time entries are enabled it won't be possible to delete or edit time entries within the Detailed report.

You can switch between Summary and Detailed reports with just one click.