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Trello power-up

Apart from the browser plugin, you can also use TimeCamp Power-Up in Trello. It will allow you to track time and generate time reports on any Trello card to know on which tasks you spent most of your time. Gain insights on projects without leaving Trello.

To work properly, integration with Trello must be enabled on your TimeCamp account first.


Add Trello power-up

To enable the Power-up first please open a board in Trello and click the Power-Ups menu and next Add Power-Ups.


Find Time Tracking by TimeCamp power-up on the list and click the Enable button.

Repeat these steps for each board, where you’d like to enable the time-tracking feature. Power-up must be enabled on every board separately

Track time with Trello power-up

To track time in Trello first open the card, that you would like to track time against. Next click the Track time button on the right side.

If you’re not signed in to the power-up yet please use the credentials of your TimeCamp account. If you are already signed in, you can click the Start timer button to start a new timer and click the Stop timer to stop it.

You can also put the number of hours in decimal format to add time manually and then click Add Time.

Modify tracked time

If you'd like to edit your tracked time please open the card, in which you would like to modify your time. Next, in the TimeCamp Time Report section find the time entry you would like to modify or delete and click on its duration. You'll be redirected to your web Timesheet where you can edit time entries. 

Add estimate

Under the TimeCamp Time Report section, you can find an option to add estimate time. This value will be automatically synced and imported as Budget to TimeCamp.

Click on the Add estimate option.

Next, input an estimated hours value for this task and click anywhere outside the field.

After adding estimates a small graph next to the tracked time will appear showing how many hours are already used.

Estimated hours will be automatically imported as task Budget to TimeCamp. It will allow you to generate Estimates reports on tracked time and used budget. 

Learn more about Budgeting reports from this article.

Sign out or relog to Trello power-up

To log out and relog to your TimeCamp account in power-up you should remove power-up settings first:

  1. Log into your Trello account. Open the board and click the Power-Ups button above the lists of cards;
  2. Find Time Tracker by TimeCamp on the list and click on its Settings;
  3. Choose the Remove personal settings option from the menu; 
  4. Then confirm by clicking on the Clear data button;
  5. Power-up should force you to log in again. If you have an open TimeCamp tab in your browser, power-up will immediately synchronize with the TimeCamp account you're currently logged into;