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How to uninstall the desktop app?

To be able to uninstall TimeCamp from your computer, there is one important, obligatory thing that should be done at the beginning – closing the TimeCamp Desktop Application. 

Click on the TimeCamp icon on your taskbar (right-click for Windows) and choose the Exit/Quit option.

Depending on your account settings, the application may ask you for the administrator’s password. The password that the application requires comes from the person who invited you to join their TimeCamp account. 

If you're the Account Owner, please use your own password.

Next, follow the instructions for your OS.


After closing the desktop app open the Start menu and go to the Apps&Features.  Next, find the TimeCamp app on the list and right-click on it. Choose the Uninstall option from the menu and follow the uninstallation process.


After closing the desktop app go to Finder and move the TimeCamp application to the bin.

If you receive a message “The item TimeCamp can’t be moved to the Trash because it’s open”, please make sure that the TimeCamp app is closed in the Activity Monitor. Open Applications on your Mac, then Activity Monitor (or shortcut: ⌘ + space bar -> Activity Monitor). Find TimeCamp there, double click on it, and choose 'Quit'.


After closing the desktop app uninstall the TimeCamp app using the Terminal window with the command "sudo apt-get remove timecamp"  or using the Ubuntu Software Center.