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Account Owner

There is only one Account Owner and all data legally belongs to this person. Only the account owner can transfer ownership of the account to another person or delete the account.

The difference between Administrator and Account Owner is that only the Account Owner can delete the entire account.

How to change the Account Owner?

If you would like to transfer the ownership of the account to another person please go to the Users tab on the left side menu click on the current role next to this person's name and select the Account Owner role and confirm your action.

Once you approve the changes, you will no longer be the owner of the account and registered data.

What if the account owner no longer works with us?

If the account owner still has the ability to log into the account, the best way is to ask them to follow the instructions above.

If the current Account Owner is unable to do so, they can fill in the Contact Form and send us a message, specifying the person who is supposed to become the new Owner. 

In this case, it is important to add to the message that you are aware of losing ownership and that the previously saved data will no longer belong to you.