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Delete the account

If you want to delete your TimeCamp account you need to follow 3 steps. You can do it only from the website app.

Only the Account Owner can delete the account.

First step

Click on your avatar in the upper-right corner and select the Account Settings option.

Second step

Depending on the number of active modules and integration, scroll down, find and click the red Delete account button on the right side of the site.

Deleting the account permanently deletes all the recorded data. That means you won't be able to get back to your reports, computer activities invoices, etc.

We highly recommend downgrading the account to the Free plan - this way you will always be able to take a look at your previous work and/or continue using the app anytime.  

Third step

Read carefully the information about the process of deleting the account and if you are still sure that you want to stop using your account and won't need any recorded data in the future, click on the red "Delete my account" button.

After that you will see a short survey form - we would really appreciate your honest feedback. Follow and complete a short survey and finally confirm your action again by clicking on the red button Delete account.

It is done. We are hoping to see you again!

If you're not the Account Owner but wish to delete your account, we highly recommend contacting the Administrator of your account or the Account Owner to remove you from the list of users.