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Cancel the subscription

How to cancel the subscription?

Only the Administrator of the account can cancel the subscription.

If you reach the decision to no longer use the paid version of TimeCamp, you can cancel the subscription by downgrading your account to a Free plan. 

Downgrading an account will allow you to keep your data and access it anytime you want. You will be also able to still use TimeCamp in the limited plan, without fully giving up on it.

IMPORTANT After downgrading the account to a Free plan, cancelation will be scheduled. TimeCamp account will be automatically set to a Free plan at the end of your current billing period. Until the end of your billing period, you can still use the paid version.

Click on your avatar in the upper-right corner and select the Subscription option. You'll be redirected to the Your subscription tab, where you can simply edit or downgrade your plan.


Click on the Free plan option, then click on the Change plan to Free button.

You will see a site that informs you about the biggest changes between the Free and paid plans. Read them carefully, please!

Then, confirm your decision by typing DOWNGRADE in the intended field (or another word depending on your language settings) and save the change.

After that you will see a short survey form - we would really appreciate your honest feedback!

Refund policy

At TimeCamp we strive to provide the best quality services to improve our product. One of our policy statements is to be fair to all our clients, that’s why if you’re not satisfied with the TimeCamp application or for any other reason would like to end the subscription, we are ready to grant you a refund. 

Here you can find the main terms of our refund policy:

  • If for some reason you forgot to cancel the subscription before it was renewed or just don’t want to use TimeCamp anymore please fill in the Contact Form and send a request within 3 days after the payment date for monthly subscriptions and within 30 days after the payment date for annual subscriptions to request a full refund of the last payment and cancel the subscription.

  • If the payment is past these timeframes but there was no recorded activity on your account, please fill in the Contact Form and describe your case. We’ll review the activity and consider issuing a partial refund.

If you change the subscription plan, the number of seats, or the billing cycle, no refund will be issued. Unused money will be turned into credits, which will be automatically applied to your next payments in TimeCamp.

More information is available in our ‘Terms & Conditions" §7 Refund Policy.