Welcome to TimeCamp Help!


Create a subscription

After the trial ends you can subscribe to the paid version in TimeCamp and choose between Starter, Premium and Ultimate plans. To create a subscription navigate to the Subscription menu under your avatar icon.

Changing the subscription plan

We all have different needs. That's why we offer 4 different types of subscription plans - Free, Starter, Premium and Ultimate.

How to edit the subscription?

Only the account Administrator can edit the subscription. Learn how to edit the number of seats or change the billing cycle, update your payment method or provide a new billing address.

Cancel the subscription

If you reach the decision to no longer use the paid version of TimeCamp, you can cancel the subscription by downgrading your account to a Free plan.

Delete the account

If you want to delete your TimeCamp account you need to follow 3 steps. You can do it only from the website app. Only the Account Owner can delete the account.