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Can’t view team’s computer activities

In case the Activities report of your employee is empty or the people picker is not available despite your account role, we prepared a few steps which could help to fix this issue.

No activities

If you can select users from your team in the people picker but their Activities report is empty please check the following options:

  • Make sure that each user from your Team has downloaded the desktop application and it is running on their computers. You can check that by opening the Computer time > User statistics report on the left-side menu. Red notification None under the App version means that there is no desktop app installed;
  • If desktop app is installed and the "User statistics" report shows the correct last sync time but still no activities are visible, please check if the option Track computer activity is enabled in Computer time settings;
  • If desktop app is installed and option Track computer activity is enabled, please verify if the settings Track only computer activities when a timer for task is running is turned on. If yes, please make sure that user added time on tasks to their Timesheet, as activities will be registered only if timer is running; If the mentioned setting is turned off, please ignore this step;
  • If desktop app is installed and all settings are adjusted but still no activities for specific use are visible, please follow the instructions for extracting log files from the user's computer and send them via the Contact form describing your case;

No people picker

If your role is Administrator or Supervisor but people picker is not available in your Computer time reports please check the following option:

  • Navigate to Account Settings in the right upper corner under your avatar icon and open the Computer time settings. Verify if the setting "Keep all computer usage tracking information entirely private and not shared with anyone besides the user that tracked that time" is disabled. If not, please turn it off as it is most likely the reason why people picker is hidden;

Only the Administrator of account has access to Account Settings.