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Activity categories

Activity categories tab is located under the Computer Activities reports on the left side menu:


The Activity categories section allows you to create a report based on groups of categories your activities are assigned to. Here you can use the date range filter and check the most tracked categories.

Administrators and Supervisors are able to view registered activities for users who they manage.

In the graph, you can see the time registered during the selected period from the highest to the lowest amount.

After you click on the specific category on the graph you’ll be redirected to a more detailed report, where you can view the registered activities under this category and compare it to the total time of other categories.

Below the data is divided into a few columns: name of the category, total time, and percentage for the selected period.


This report is available only in the online version, it can’t be exported.

Set up productivity status of categories

There are 3 types of category status: 

  • Productive
  • Neutral
  • Distractive

It is not possible to create your own categories or type of productivity status 

Only the Administrator of the account can change the productivity status of the category. Just click on the status next to the category and pick the status from the list.