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Recording screenshots is an optional feature available after installing TimeCamp desktop app. If you'd like to monitor employees' work and see how exactly they spend their time while working, it's a great tool to implement.

Screenshots are available only in the Ultimate plan.

Enable Screenshots

Only the Administrator of the account can enable the Screenshots module.

To enable the Screenshots feature, click on your avatar in the upper-right corner and select the Account Settings option. Next, go to the Modules tab, find the Screenshots module, and click on the switch button to enable the Screenshots.

After the module is enabled you can find the Screenshots report on the left side menu under the Computer Activities section. If you decided not to use the Screenshots feature you can simply disable it in the Modules tab.

We don't provide any additional settings to the Screenshots. All available options are set by default and can't be edited.


After the feature is enabled Screenshots will be taken on all users' computers who installed the desktop app. 

Screenshots are taken automatically every 10 minutes.

Screenshots will be registered only when the desktop app is running. The time of taken screenshots visible on the Screenshots report will match the timezone of the user's computer at the moment it was recorded. 

Only Administrators and Supervisors have access to the Screenshots report of users they manage. Users won't be able to view their screenshots.

Screenshots are stored only for 60 days. After this period they are automatically removed from the system.

Here is an example of a Screenshots report:

The report contains name of the user the screenshot belongs to, the exact timestamp of when it was taken,  name of website/application user was working on and the original screenshot

If you'd like to delete a specific screenshot from this report, just click on the trash icon next to it or mark the checkboxes next to the screenshots you'd like to remove and click on the red button Remove selected.

Only the Account Owner has permission to delete screenshots.

To open the full Screenshot, click on it:

We don't provide an option to download screenshots or to change their size or quality. You can still save image to your computer by right-clicking on the screenshot and selecting “Save image as…”.

You can easily filter the report using the Date range filter and the People picker. The date range filter allows you to select only one day at once, it is not possible to choose a couple of days or the entire week, month, etc. In the people filter you can select all users or choose only certain ones to view their data.