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TimeCamp allows you to recreate your company’s structure. Groups are extremely helpful if you have many users or need different settings for each group of people, e.g. different default workday length, different hourly billing rates, or other time-tracking rules.

Group management is available only in Premium and Ultimate plans.

Create groups

To create a group or a department simply click on the Create group button next to the "Invite people" option and enter the name of the new group. Next, define the parent group of this group and save your changes.

After creating groups and subgroups you can click on the green "Invite people" button and invite new users directly to specific groups by adjusting it in the invitation window.

The other option is to click on the "plus" button next to the specific groups and invite new users to these groups. The selected group will be automatically adjusted in the invitation window.

Manage groups

Administrators can manage users and group settings only for the group they are added to and its subgroups. Administrators from the main parent group can manage all available groups and subgroups unless they are invited with a different role to a specific subgroup.

You can move users between groups and change their permissions at any time.

To move users between groups in the Users section simply use the drag-drop method.

You can also move multiple users at once, by clicking on the checkboxes next to their names and choosing the Move selected option from the Bulk edit menu. Next, select a new group and save the changes.

By default, new groups inherit settings from parent groups. You can create as many groups down the structure tree as you wish, but keep in mind that there can only be one main group.

To change settings for a particular group simply go to the Account Settings under your avatar in the upper-right corner and select the desired group from the picker after opening modules settings.

The other option is to click on the edit option next to the desired group in the Users section. You'll be redirected to the General settings of this group where you can change its name, time format, etc. Here you can also navigate to modules settings and use a group picker to adjust its settings.

Don't forget to Save changes after editing settings for a particular group. If you immediately select another group from the picker changes won't be saved.

One user in different groups

It is possible to add one user account to different groups at the same time. This option doesn't require an additional license for user.

If user is already added to one of your groups and you'd like to add them to one more group, click on the green "Invite people" button or use the "plus" button next to the target group. Next, make sure that the correct group is selected in the "Which user group should they belong to?" field. Input user's email address and save changes.

User who belongs to different groups at the same time also can have different account roles in these groups. For example, user's account can have an Administrator role in one group and a User role in another group. Role permissions will be applied only to the specific group.

To change the role simply click on the current role next to the user's name in the specific group and choose a new one from the drop-down menu. Roles in each group should be adjusted separately.

It is not possible to adjust user's profile settings separately for each group user is added to. The account is one, so profile settings still will be the same no matter how many groups user belongs to.

To delete user from a specific group click the trash icon next to the user's name within the group user should be removed from. User should be deleted from each group they are added to separately. This action will only delete user from the selected group and will keep their account active in another group.

It is not possible to disable user in one group and keep them active in a different group. If you disable someone, they won't have access to their account.