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Invoicing basics

TimeCamp Invoicing system allows you to easily issue invoices to your customers either based on the time you’ve gathered for projects and tasks or simply by creating a blank document.

Invoicing feature is available in Starter, Premium and Ultimate plans.

Invoices can be sent to your Clients directly from TimeCamp via email. You can also generate a public link or download them as PDF files and later share them with your contractors however you prefer.

Optionally, you can integrate TimeCamp with your PayPal account and track your payments for issued invoices on an ongoing basis.

TimeCamp is not responsible for any additional fees or taxes imposed by PayPal or any other payment system that you use. Please verify if there are additional payment regulations before sending the invoice to your Client.

Enable the Invoicing feature

To enable the Invoicing feature, click on your avatar in the upper-right corner and select the Account Settings option.  Next, go to the Modules tab, find the Invoicing module, and click on the switch button to enable Invoicing. After the module is enabled click on its Settings.

Please be noted that only the Administrator of the account has access to Settings. In addition, only users with the Time Tracking Administrator's permission are able to view and manage invoices.

After the module is enabled you can find the Invoicing section on the left side menu. If you decided not to use the Invoicing module you can simply disable it in the Modules tab.

Invoicing settings

To open the Invoicing settings and set up your account click on the "gear" icon next to Invoices.

The additional way to access settings is to click on your avatar in the upper-right corner and select the Account Settings option. You'll be redirected to the General tab where you can use the shortcut to get to the Invoicing settings.

Here you can enter your company name (1) and address (2) and optionally add the company logo (3). The logo will be visible on all issued invoices and also on downloaded reports. 

Optionally you can enter your PayPal email address if you wish to grant your recipients the ability to pay for invoices through this service.

To manage your taxes enter a name for tax and its value in the right panel of this page (4) – they’ll be available for you to choose from while creating invoices. To add a new tax enter a tax name, add value, and click on the plus button. To delete the tax click on the trash icon next to it. Optionally you can make one of your taxes to be the default value by clicking on the star icon next to it.

Taxes are necessary to create an invoice. If you don’t use taxes for your services just create a tax with 0% so it won’t be counted into the total price.

After editing invoice settings, click the Save settings button and go to the Invoices module on the left side menu to create your first invoice.

Integration with Xero and Quickbooks

If your TimeCamp account is integrated with Quickbooks or Xero, you can easily export invoices from TimeCamp to your preferred accounting software.

After your invoice is finished, click on the Export to Quickbooks or Export to Xero button.

Example of QuickBooks

Example of Xero