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Jira Server (Selfhosted)

In addition to Jira Cloud, we also provide an option to integrate the Jira Server (Self-hosted) version. The integration will work in the same way as the Cloud version and will contain the same functionalities.

Here you can learn more about all the available options for importing and exporting between TimeCamp and Jira integration.

How to enable the integration with Jira Server?

Only the Administrator of TimeCamp and Jira accounts can enable the integration.

Let's go through the steps of enabling integration between TimeCamp and Jira Server. 

Step 1

To enable the Jira integration, please navigate to the plugin icon and select the Integrations option. Next, find the Jira integration on the list and click the Enable button.

Step 2

Next, enter your Jira Server URL address. We’ll need the entire address, "https://[hostname], and mark the checkbox next to the Jira Server (Selfhosted) option.

Step 3

Next, 3 new fields will appear: Public key, Private key, and Consumer key.

To generate Public and Private keys please use the instruction prepared by Jira Software Support https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirakb/how-to-generate-public-key-to-application-link-3rd-party-applications-913214098.html

A Consumer key is automatically filled in, so you don't need to change it.

Step 4

At the same time, you need to add TimeCamp to your Jira Applications

  • Navigate to http://[yourJiraServerAddress]/plugins/servlet/applinks/listApplicationLinks
  • In the Configure Application URL window enter the URL of the TimeCamp website https://timecamp.com and the application name  timecamp

  • Enter the Consumer key from the TimeCamp website (described in the step above) and the Consumer name timecamp

Step 5

After configuring TimeCamp in your Jira Applications you can navigate back to the Jira integration setting in TimeCamp and finish setting the subscription.

Optionally you can define the last step(s) in your Jira Workflow (such steps are imported as archived to TimeCamp) and set the number of levels above Epics in your Jira hierarchy.

When finished, click on the green Enable integration button. You'll be redirected to your Jira account and asked to grant access to the TimeCamp application.