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ActiveCollab is a project management platform focused on team collaboration. Each project has task lists and everything else that goes with it – from files and discussions to time records and expenses.


Asana is a workplace management dashboard that helps streamline communication across companies and teams. Asana integration with TimeCamp enables you to log hours or minutes for the whole project, each task or subtask.

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps provides developer services for allowing teams to plan work, collaborate on code development, and build and deploy applications. TimeCamp allows you to integrate with the Azure DevOps platform with many features.


Breeze is software that makes managing projects easy by letting you see everything in one place. Simple and effective boards where you can store all your tasks.


ClickUp is a complex project management and productivity measurement software. By enabling the TimeCamp and ClickUp integration you’ll be able to track time on your teams, spaces, projects, lists, and tasks.

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is a popular tool to create folders and cooperate on files. By enabling the TimeCamp and Dropbox Paper integration you’ll be able to track time on your folders and documents.

Easy Redmine

Easy Redmine is an online tool for project management and bug-tracking. It contains a calendar and Gantt charts that show the projects and their deadlines in a graphic way. Easy Redmine integration allows measuring the time consumption of each task.


Freshdesk is an online cloud-based customer service software that provides helpdesk support with all smart automations to get things done faster. The Freshdesk integration allows you to import and track time on all created tickets.


GitLab is an open-source code repository and collaborative software development platform for large DevOps and DevSecOps projects. GitLab integration will allow you to know how much time did you spent working on specific branches or issues.


GitHub is an online software development platform used for storing, tracking, and collaborating on software projects. It enables developers to upload their own code files and to collaborate with fellow developers on open-source projects.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar integration allows you to import your calendar events as time entries directly to your timesheet.

iCal (Calendar)

Calendar integration allows you to import your calendar events as time entries directly to your timesheet. This manual describes how to enable integration between TimeCamp and any calendar that can be exported into the iCal format.

iCal (Calendar) examples

Calendar integration requires an iCal link to connect and import events from your calendar. You can find this link in your calendar app settings. We prepared a few instructions for the most popular calendar apps.

iCal - Export time to Calendar New

From now on you can not only integrate your Calendar and import events to TimeCamp but also export time entries created in Timesheet to your Calendar.


Insightly is one of the most popular CRMs available. Thanks to our integration you can track time spent on Opportunities, Projects, Tasks, Contacts, Organizations, and Leads.


Jira is a proprietary issue-tracking product developed by Atlassian that allows bug tracking and agile project management. Jira integration with TimeCamp gives you the opportunity to assess time for projects and issues you are working on.

Jira Server (Selfhosted)

In addition to Jira Cloud, we also provide an option to integrate the Jira Server (Self-hosted) version. The integration will work in the same way as the Cloud version and will contain the same functionalities.


Meistertask is a flexible project management app that scales from personal project tracking to a full-blown project management tool for a large team. This integration adds the ability to log hours against projects, lists, and tasks.

Microsoft ToDo

Microsoft ToDo is a task management software, created by a team previously responsible for Wunderlist. By enabling the TimeCamp and Microsoft ToDo integration you’ll be able to track time on your folders, to-do lists, and todos.


Monday.com is a  project management software. It allows you to assign tasks and set goals for yourself and your team. By enabling the integration with it you will be able to track time to your projects created on Monday.com.

MS Teams

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate messaging app for your organization—a workspace for real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, file and app sharing, and even the occasional emoji.

Notion New

Notion is a productivity and note-taking web application that offers organizational tools including task management, project tracking, to-do lists, and bookmarking.

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a product-planning and management tool designed exclusively for modern software development teams.  It allows teams to stay more focused and set their priorities easily.


Podio is a platform for creating no-code solutions and automating workflows. The feature set includes organizing team communication, business processes, data, and content in project management workspaces according to project needs.


QuickBooks is accounting software for businesses. You can track your expenses, create invoices, and do more regarding accounting.


Salesforce is the world's #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Salesforce unites your marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams from anywhere with Customer 360 — one integrated CRM platform that powers our entire suite of connected apps.


Slack is a modern team messaging application that allows create and run conversations in both public and private channels, as well as connect via direct messages. This integration allows tracking time spent on channels for the whole team.


Smartsheet is project management software for teams. Thanks to Smartsheet time tracking you’ll know how much time your team spends on their assignments!


Targetprocess is a project management software that allows you to plan and track progress in many types of projects, including scrum and kanban, as well as your own, custom methods.


Teamwork is a project management tool, that focuses on collaboration between users in assigned projects and tasks. Thanks to TimeCamp integration you can track time on your tasks.

TimeCamp Planner

TimeCamp Planner is a free and simple project management software with communication and collaboration features. By enabling the TimeCamp and Planner integration you’ll be able to track time on your workspaces, spaces, and lists with cards.


Todoist is a great tool for managing and sharing your daily tasks, whether professional ones like managing a project, or private, related to planning a trip, sharing a shopping list, and so on.


Toggl is a simple time tracker that helps you learn how much your time is worth. With this time-tracking app, you'll be able to start tracking your hours and managing your hours with just one click.


Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. With Trello integration, you can track time against Trello cards and create reports based on tracked time.


Wrike is a work management and collaboration platform used by high-performance teams everywhere. Wrike time tracking gives you information on important data about resource planning.


Xero is online accounting software for your business, which connects you to your bank, accountant, bookkeeper, and other business apps. TimeCamp integration allows you to log hours spent working for a particular client and then automatically turn the data into an invoice.


Zapier is an automation platform that allows to connect two running software. You can select from many available applications and integrate them with each other – triggering specific actions to occur.


Zendesk is a leading, innovative customer support platform, which allows you to connect and provide help to your customers on a personal level.

TimeCamp's API

We’ve prepared API for those, who need to use data from TimeCamp in their own software and our export possibilities aren’t enough for them.