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Moving time between projects and tasks

There are a few ways that allow moving tracked time to another task or even to move the entire task with its time between projects. If you realize that you were assigning the wrong task to your time entries or if you'd like to change the structure of your projects and not lose any tracked time, you can use one of the available options described below.

Some of these methods will be available only for users with a Project Manager role.

Move all task's time

If you want to move all tracked time from one project or task to another, you can do it in the Projects tab. Hover the mouse over a specific project or task, click on the "..." icon, next click on the Move button and choose the Move time from the selected task and subtasks to another task option. 

Next, select a task you want to move time to and save changes by clicking on the green Move all data button.

Please keep in mind that this method will gather and copy all time entries from all the subtasks from the source task, and move them to the TARGET task only. 

This option is irreversible so double-check your choice before saving the changes!

There is also a second way to move time from a task that was tracked within a certain period and specific users instead of moving all its time. To do that first navigate to the Time report of a certain task. Hover your mouse on a task and click on the report icon next to it.

You'll be redirected to a report of this task where you can use the date range and people filters to look for specific time entries. 

Navigate to the Time entries tab to check if everything is correct and make sure that you'd like to move time for these specific time entries and click on the Move time to button. A drop-down menu will appear where you can select a target task from the list or choose the option to erase recorded time.

All time (billable and not) for selected task and its subtasks and only for the selected time period and users previously defined in filters will be moved to a target task.

Move or convert a task

Other possibilities we offer within the Move option are Make a subtask of and Convert to a project. It allows you to move the entire task with its structure and time to a different project or convert it to a separate project.

Make a subtask of option allows you to create a new subtask to the desired project with ale the tracked time to the moving task.

Convert to a project option allows you to convert a task to a fully separate new project with all the tracked time of the moving task.

Move a single time entry

If you want to move the time of a single or a couple of time entries first find the desired entry on your Timesheet and assign it to another task or merge a few entries.  

Here you can learn more about editing timesheets.