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Editing, copying, and moving time entries

We prepared a few options which will help you to edit and make some changes to tracked time. Here you’ll find information about editing the timeframes of your entries, moving, merging, and copying them to other days. These instructions are also helpful if you would like to check the correctness of your timesheet at the end of a workday or prepare some plan for the next week using the copying feature.

Administrators and Supervisors are able to view timesheets of users who they manage using the “User picker” option. 

Editing time entries

Timesheet allows you to create time entries for the past or future days, edit their timeframes, change the assigned tasks, add or change tags and notes, and delete entries.

To edit time entries for the past days, use the Date range filter on your Timesheet and select the day or week from the past.

To change the assigned task, simply click on the current one and then select a new task from the task picker.

To edit the timeframes of entry in a Day view just hover your mouse over the specific entry and decide which value you wish to edit first (from/to/duration). 

The lock informs you, which value will stay unchanged.

First, click on the value you would like to keep and leave it unchanged. Next, click on the value you would like to change. 

For example: if you wish to keep the duration and change the start time, click on duration (leave it unchanged), then click on the start time and change it. The end time would be adjusted automatically.

For example: if you wish to keep the end time and change the start time, click on the end time (leave it unchanged), then click on the start time and change it. The duration time would be adjusted automatically.

In a Calendar view simply move the borders of the time entry to change the time or click on the specific entry to change the start or end time in the edit panel.

The additional option which can help to edit time entries in a simple and fast way is to turn off the "Synchronise timeframe with duration when editing time entry" setting on your Timesheet.


If you turn off the setting Synchronise timeframe with duration when editing time entry while editing time frames, values that are not edited won't change. For example, if you change the start time, then the end and duration time will stay the same, they won't be automatically adjusted.

To delete a specific time entry, hover your mouse over this time entry and click on the "trash" icon. 

Once an entry is deleted the action can’t be undone and data can’t be restored.

Here you can learn more about viewing the history of editing Timesheets.

Moving time entries

To move the time entry to another day click on the option Change entry’s date and click on the day you would like to move this entry.

The drag-and-drop method can also easily merge entries within a specific day. Simply “catch” the desired entry and move it to a different task. Remember to turn off the option “Synchronise timeframe with duration when editing time entry” before merging entries. 

Merging will sum up the duration time of both entries and adjust their timeframes.  

Moving and merging time entries is possible only in a Day view.

If you would like to sort entries please use one of the available options from the menu: by time added, ascending, or descending. It is not possible to sort or change the order manually.

Copying time entries

Copying options are not available in a Calendar view.

To copy entries or the entire timesheet to any other day simply click on the Copy time entries from the different days button, which is located in the right corner of your Day Timesheet. 

In the first step, you need to select which entries you want to copy. You can choose as many of them as you want. Tick the checkboxes next to the entries you want to copy, or (optionally) select an entire day.

In the second step, you need to specify the dates, to which marked data will be copied to. Pick a single day or specify the date range whereas weekends won’t be included.

The final step is to hit the “copy” button. Keep in mind though that not only entries can be moved – along with them you can also copy the duration and start/end time.

One more fast option to copy a time entry is to simply clone it within a selected day. Hover your mouse over the time entry you'd like to clone and click on the "clone" icon. A new entry with the same task will be added within that day and you only need to adjust its' timeframes.