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Roles in projects

The time tracking module has a separate, independent privileges system. Each project or task can have different settings, which allows you to adjust the task structure to your needs.

Apart from the account roles, you can give different roles to your coworkers in each project. This allows you to give extra permission to each person in each project.

There are 2 predefined roles: 

  • Project Manager
  • Regular User

The default roles of Project Manager and regular Users are available only in Premium and Ultimate plans.

The additional functionality that TimeCamp provides is creating custom roles and modifying roles' permissions.

Custom project roles are available only in the Ultimate plan.

How to change the role in projects?

To change one’s role go to the Projects section on the left side menu and click on the desired project or task to open the edit panel. You'll see the list of assigned users and next to each name simply click on their role to open the dropdown menu. You'll be able to change a role for each assigned user.

The additional option which allows to view the entire list of assigned users and edit them in bulk is located just next to the "People" section.

After clicking here a new window will appear where you can mark the checkboxes next to specific users or entire groups and remove them from the task or change their role for this task in bulk.

Project Manager

The Project Manager role gives you complete control over the project. It allows to:

  • create tasks and subtasks
  • edit task - assign users, change their roles, add a budget, assign tags and keywords
  • track time to all tasks and subtasks under the assigned project
  • see other users' time (tracked on the assigned project) in reports
  • create an invoice based on time tracked to the assigned project
  • change inherited role to lower

Regular User

This role only allows users to track time on projects and tasks under the projects they are assigned to. In the Reports section, Regular Users will only see their own time. 

Permission to Can track to all projects, tasks can be modified both individually for a specific user and for all users and groups at once in the account settings. It will overwrite the regular User permissions.

Custom project roles

The Ultimate plan allows you to create your own roles in projects and modify roles' permissions. It means that you can add and name a new role and define specific permissions to it. You can create a new role either from the Time tracking settings or directly from the project’s edit panel. 

To add a new role from the Time tracking settings, click on your avatar in the upper-right corner and select the Account Settings option. You'll be redirected to the General tab where you can use the shortcut to get to the Time tracking settings. 

On the right side of the page, under the roles table, you will find a field and a green Add user type button. First, enter the name of a new role in the field, and next click on the green Add user type button and select desired permission for this role. 

To add and edit a new role directly within the project’s edit panel, click on the dropdown that allows you to change one’s role and click on the Edit… button.  You'll be redirected to the Time tracking setting so just follow the steps mentioned above.