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Timesheet history

Each day on your Timesheet allows viewing the history of adding and editing time entries. This history report may be helpful in case you deleted some entry by mistake and wish to restore it. Here you'll find the exact timestamps, the name of the task, and notes added to each time entry.

How to open the Timesheet history?

Once your timesheet is filled in with entries you can hover your mouse over a specific entry and find some additional options. Click on the "time history icon" to open the view of Timesheet history for this specific day. 

The Timesheet history view will show you only the history of the specific day you opened. If the Timesheet of a certain day is empty and no entry is currently created, it won't be possible to view the history of this day.

It is not possible to switch between days or weeks within the Timesheet history view. 

To open another day, please go back to your Timesheet, select another day from the calendar and click on the timesheet history icon next to one of the entries within that day.

The Administrator of the account can use the People picker option to open timesheets of users they manage and view their history.

What information is available in the Timesheet history?

The timesheet history shows the list of all added and deleted entries on a specific day. Here you can find the following columns and rows:

  • Each entry includes the exact timestamp of creation, editing, starting and stopping the timer;
  •  History shows the name of the assigned task and indicates if it was changed;
  • The final timeframes of each time entry and the history of their edit;
  • Notes and time when they were added;
  • Name of the user a timesheet belongs to;

Deleted entries will be highlighted in red color.

If time entry was created with a desktop app widget, such entries will be only described as Time entry created from an activity.

When Timesheet history is helpful?

There are a few cases when the history of creating and editing time entries may be useful:

  • Time entry was deleted by a mistake - in case you deleted a specific entry and missed clicking the Undo button, you can simply open the history of that day and recreate the deleted entry.
  • Daily summary email report shows incorrect data - if you received a daily summary email and for some reason, a certain total time is different than the one you can see on your timesheet or on some of your coworker's timesheets, you can open the history and check if that entry was edited and when changes were applied.
  • The requirement to verify timesheet modification - if you use the approvals feature and would like to check whether time entries were edited after the timer is stopped, you can open its history before approving timesheets.