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Unassigned computer activities

If you use the TimeCamp desktop application you may notice an additional entry on your timesheet titled “Unassigned computer activities”. This entry contains time gathered by the application but not yet assigned to any task. 

Unassigned computer time appears on your timesheet automatically if you didn’t track time on a task but the desktop application was still running. The time of this entry doesn’t count into the sum of time collected for a specific day.

Computer activities will be registered only if you’ve installed the TimeCamp desktop application.

How to assign “Unassigned computer activities”?

To move activities between tasks and assign activities turn off the “Synchronize timeframe with duration when editing time entry” feature first. Next tick the checkboxes next to the activities you want to assign, click on the green button “Move activities” and finally click on the entry you would like to assign activities to:

If you would like to assign the entire entry with unassigned activities simply use the drag-and-drop method:

Please keep in mind that assigning activities will also increase the duration time of entry.

How to get rid of unassigned computer activities?

If you would like to permanently get rid of unassigned computer activities entry and have all activities automatically assigned to your time entries we recommend enabling the setting Track only computer activities when a timer for task is running

To find this setting navigate to your avatar in the upper-right corner and select the Account Settings option. You'll be redirected to the General tab where you can use the shortcut to get to the Computer time settings.

The desktop app will register computer time and activities only when you start a timer for a task. If the timer is not running, no activities and computer usage will be registered. It means that unassigned computer activities entry won't appear on your Timesheet anymore. The start and end time of your working day will be matching the timeframes of your first and last time entry.

Here you can learn more about computer time settings.

Registered computer activities can’t be deleted from Timesheet. Please go here to learn more about removing activities.