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Zendesk plugin

We’ve created a special Zendesk app that helps track time on your tickets directly from Zendesk. To work properly integration with Zendesk must be enabled on your TimeCamp account first.

Once the TimeCamp plugin is added all users connected to Zendesk account will be able to track time within Zendesk.

Add Zendesk plugin

To add the app to your account, go to the Zendesk marketplace and search for TimeCamp. Open the TimeCamp time tracking extension and click on the Install app button.

Track time with Zendesk plugin

After the installation is done, the TimeCamp app widget will appear on the right side of your screen when you navigate to your tickets. The first thing you’d need to do is log in using your TimeCamp credentials

Next just open the ticket and click on the Start timer button to start tracking. When you finished tracking just click on the red Stop timer button. 

You can also put the number of hours in decimal format to add time manually and then click Add Time button.

The plugin will be automatically synchronized with your web Timesheet.

Optionally you can add a note to your tracked time. After starting a timer click on the add note button, then input a note and click on the Save note button.

The history of tracked time will be also visible in the plugin view.

Modify tracked time

If you'd like to edit your tracked time please open the ticket, in which you would like to modify your time. Next, in the History section find the time entry you would like to modify or delete and click on its duration. You'll be redirected to your web Timesheet where you can edit time entries.

Uninstall Zendesk plugin

To remove the plugin navigate to the Admin Center in Zendesk and open the Currently installed apps tab. Click on the Settings icon under the TimeCamp app and select the Uninstall option.