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Archived tasks

You can delete or archive tasks at any time. By deleting the task you’re completely erasing all the data gathered for the specific assignment. Archiving tasks allows you to keep the history of tracked time and you can still generate reports regarding archived tasks. 

While you can reactivate archived tasks at any time, there is no option to retrieve data from deleted tasks.

Archiving projects is available only in Premium and Ultimate plans. Only users with a Project Manager role or with certain tracking permissions can archive tasks.

The list of archived items you can find by clicking on the Archived button next to the search box in the Projects module.

How to archive tasks?

To archive a certain task,  go to the Projects section and click on the name of the desired task. You will see a bar with the following options:

Click on the "..." icon and choose the Archive option from the drop-down menu. The selected task will be archived together with all its subtasks.

If you would like to allow users to track time to archived tasks please adjust time tracking settings

How to reactivate archived tasks?

You can reactivate archived tasks at any time. Go to the list of Archived items and optionally use a search box at the top of the page to find the desired task. Depending on the amount of archived tasks searching process might take a bit longer than expected.

Next, simply click on the "reactivation" icon next to the desired task. The task will be immediately reactivated together with all its subtasks.

If you want to reactivate multiple tasks at once simply mark the checkboxes next to these tasks and click on the green Reactivate button at the bottom of the page. The selected tasks will be immediately reactivated together with all their subtasks unless you unmark the checkboxes next to specific subtasks.

Archiving integration tasks

Most integrations support the scenario that "items marked as completed, archived, or deleted in the original software will be automatically moved to the list of archived tasks in TimeCamp". 

Please keep in mind that it is not possible to edit the structure of imported tasks for active integration.

In case the item is active in your original software and you move it to the Archived list in TimeCamp it still will be imported as active after the synchronization. 

The same way it works with reactivation. If the item is archived, completed or deleted in your original software and you reactivate it in TimeCamp, it will be automatically moved back to the Archived list after the synchronization.

Reports for archived tasks

To generate a report for time tracked to the archived tasks simply change the Active/Archived filter in the Reports section. You can select between 3 options:

  • Active tasks
  • Active and archived tasks
  • Archived tasks

For the active tasks, you can use the Project filter and mark the checkboxes next to the desired projects to add them to the report. But for the archived tasks, you need to manually search for the desired task in the Projects filter.