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Google Calendar

Google Calendar integration allows you to import your calendar events as time entries directly to your timesheet.

From now on you can also export time entries created in Timesheet to your Google Calendar. Check the new feature here.


Unlike any other TimeCamp integration, this one does not require administrator privileges and can be enabled by any user on their own.

The events from your calendar will be imported as time entries to your timesheet. The name of the event will be visible in the note. Additionally, a project titled “Calendar events” will be created in TimeCamp so it will help to generate a report based on events' time.

We provide an option to select which calendar from your Google account should or should not be imported to TimeCamp. You can select your private calendar, business calendar, holidays, etc. Also, you can define how many days from the past and how many days from the future should be imported.

If you create a new event in Google Calendar or modify the existing one it will be automatically imported and updated in TimeCamp within 1 hour. To immediately synchronize the integration and update newly added items use the “Force synchronization” option on TimeCamp web Timesheet. Synch will be executed within a few seconds.  

If you delete an event from your Calendar it will be automatically removed from your TimeCamp account after the synchronization.

If you delete a time entry on Timesheet that was created from an imported calendar event, it is not possible to restore such entry.

We also prepared the scenario to automize the process of assigning meetings to specific projects. Simply use the meeting/event name as a keyword in the project. This way once we import this particular event it will get automatically assigned to the chosen project. You can find out how to assign keywords here.

Enable integration

Step 1

To enable the Google Calendar integration, please navigate to the plugin icon and select the Integrations option. Next, find the Google Calendar integration on the list and click the Enable button.

Step 2

Next click on the green Enable button to connect your calendar.

Step 3

You will be redirected to a new window in order to choose the Google account you’d like to synchronize with TimeCamp or log in if you are not logged into any account. After that, confirm granting access and press the  Allow button.

Step 4

After the integration is enabled you can select a calendar or a few calendars that are connected to your Google account and choose the number of days from the past and to the future that you’d like to import to your timesheet on an ongoing basis. 

In addition, you can import all your private and out-of-office events. Just mark the checkboxes next to selected calendars.

Optionally, you can select a custom timezone for each calendar you integrated. Calendar events will be imported to your Timesheet and will be presented according to the timezone you set up. If no timezone is defined in settings, it will be automatically adjusted to the original timezone of events.

Next, Save the changes and your integration is ready.

The events from your calendar will be shown on your timesheet at the time you have selected in your calendar. The name of the event will be visible in the note.

Managing Calendars of other users

Only the Administrator of the account has access to the calendars of other users.

Google Calendar appears in two sections in the Integrations tab: Personal integrations and  Active integrations.

Settings for Google Calendar as a personal integration will redirect to the view of your own connected calendar.

Settings for Google Calendar as an account active integration will allow you to view and remove the calendars of other users. Here the Account Administrator can simply select a user from the list, check what calendar is connected, and delete it.  After applying any changes, please click on the Save button.

Optionally the Account Administrator can disable the ability to add calendars by other users. This setting will block the option of creating personal Google Calendar integrations.

Disable integration

Step 1

If for some reason you would like to reenable or unlink the integration please navigate to the plugin icon and select the Integrations option. Next, find the Google Calendar integration on the list of personal integrations and click on its Settings.

Step 2

Next, to unlink the integration simply click on the Unlink integration button.

To re-enable the integration first, unlink it, and next click on the Enable integration button and repeat all the steps of setting the integration. The list of your calendar events imported to TimeCamp will be updated immediately.