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Export time to Calendar

From now on not only can you integrate your Calendar and import events to TimeCamp but also export time entries created in Timesheet to your Calendar. 

All you have to do is to copy the iCal link from your profile settings and add it as a new Calendar to your calendar app.

Exporting iCal is available to all users and all subscription plans. 

Each user has access only to their own iCal link. 

First, navigate to your Profile settings in the upper right corner under your avatar icon and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Here you'll find a section View your Timesheet with any calendar app where you can generate and copy a link.

First, generate a link then copy it and navigate to your calendar. Next use an option to add a new calendar from the URL. Here are a few examples:

Google Calendar: click on the "plus" button next to Other calendars and select "From URL" option. Input copied ical link and click on the "Add calendar" button. TimeCamp Timesheet will appear as a new calendar on the left side menu where you can change its name, color, enable notifications, etc. 

Outlook Calendar (online version): click on the "Add Calendar" button on the left side menu. Next select option "Subscribe from web" and input copied ical link. Enter the name of your calendar, choose a color, and select a list you'd like to add a new calendar to.

Apple Calendar (desktop version): open Calendar on your Mac and click on the File tab. Select "New Calendar Subscription" from the menu. Next input copied ical link, name your calendar, select its color and click on the "Ok" button.

Time entries will be automatically exported as events to your calendar. By default, all time entries will be imported for the past 30 days and for the future 7 days.

Currently, it is not possible to adjust "before" and "after" days for exporting time entries.

Example of Timesheet and exported events: