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iCal (Calendar) examples

Calendar integration requires an iCal link to connect and import events from your calendar. You can find this link in your calendar app settings. We prepared a few instructions for the most popular calendar apps.

To enable the Calendar integration, navigate to the plugin icon and select the Integrations option. Next, find the Calendar integration on the list and click the Enable button.

Learn how to integrate Google Calendar here.

MS Outlook Calendar

iCal link is available only in the online Outlook version. Outlook desktop app doesn't provide these settings.

1. Open Settings in the upper right corner;

2. Choose Calendars and go to the Shared Calendars tab;  

3. In the Publish a calendar section select calendar from the list, define its permissions and click on the Publish button;

4.  Copy the ICS link of the published calendar;

5. Input the ICS link into the proper field in TimeCamp integration settings;

Apple iCloud Calendar

1. Log in to your iCloud and open the Calendar app;

2. Click on the "wireless" icon next to the calendar you'd like to integrate;

3. Click Public Calendar and copy the given URL (it starts with webcal);

4. Input the URL into the proper field in TimeCamp integration settings;

Desktop Apple Calendar also can contain the iCal link but first, calendar should be marked as Public in iCloud.

Zoho Calendar

1. Navigate to your Settings in the upper-right corner;

2.  Open My Calendars tab on the left side menu;

3. Select calendar from the list and scroll down to its Private URL section to copy the iCal link;

4. Input the iCal link into the proper field in TimeCamp integration settings;