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Integration tasks are not synchronized

There are a few situations when items from the integrated application might not be imported immediately or even disappear from the list of your active tasks in TimeCamp. If it happened in your case, please verify the following steps:

  • If you just enabled the integration but no tasks are visible yet, please check if you selected projects/workspaces that should be imported to TimeCamp. Only a few integrations have this option so if your one doesn't allow to select what items should be synchronized please check the next step.

  • The most common reason for disappearing integration tasks is that they went archived.  Once the project is marked as completed/done in integration itself it is automatically archived in TimeCamp and you cannot track time to it anymore. You can check if this task is on the list of Archived projects in TimeCamp.

Please keep in mind that for Monday integration columns with a color label may contain a completed status in its settings. Please take a look at the instructions for Monday integration to verify color settings.

  • Make sure that the person who created the integration has access to these items in your original software. Only items the Owner of integration has access to could be imported. Some integrations require the Owner to be assigned to these items and some integrations don't allow to import private items. For more details please check the description of your specific integration.

  • In case you have just created a new task and it is not synced yet, please click the “Force synchronization” option on TimeCamp web Timesheet. Synch will be executed within a few seconds.

If nothing of the above worked for you, please contact us and describe your case.