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Day timesheet

Timesheet is one of the main sections in TimeCamp where you can track time to your projects, create and edit time entries and optionally add notes or tags for better categorizing. We prepared 3 types of timesheets: day, week, and calendar.

Timesheet is available for all subscription plans and all account roles.

Day timesheet is a textual version where you can find detailed information about time entries. 

Day view allows tracking time in real time as well as manually adding time entries. To switch between these two methods click on the Start timer/ Add manually blue link:

Start timer

Please keep in mind that real-time tracking is possible only for the current day. If you would like to add time to the past or future days you can do it only manually.

To track time in real-time change the view to the timer. To do it, simply click the “Start timer” link next to the green button. 

Next, select a task and start timer with a single click.  It is possible to have only 1 running timer and only 1 task assigned at once.

After you finished working on a task, don’t forget to stop the timer. Closing a web application or turning off your computer won’t stop the running timer.

The additional option to add time entry is to click on a plus icon in the right corner. After you click on this button a time entry will be immediately created so you can click on the start button next to it and assign a task.

Add time entry

To manually add time entries change the view to the manual mode. To do it, simply click the  “Add manually” link next to the green button.

To create a new time entry you need to fill up the top bar and add time. Select the task you’d like to add time to. Next, enter ‘from’ – ‘to’ time values (or define the duration time) and click on the green button Add time entry.

If you would like to fill in your Timesheet for the past or future days, use the Date range filter to select the day you'd like to edit.

The additional option to add time entry is to click on a plus icon in the right corner of your Day Timesheet. After you click on this button a time entry will be immediately created so you can modify its timeframes and assign a task.

Timesheet options

Day timesheet contains a few additional functionalities which will help to manage time entries.

On the top part, the Administrator of account has access to the People picker, which allows to choose a user from their team and view their Timesheet. Time Tracking Administrator also has the ability to edit other users' timesheets.

Here you can learn more about account roles and permissions.

On the right-hand side under the “3 vertical dots” button, you can find some important settings. One of them is Synchronise timeframe with duration when editing time entries. If this option is turned on the start, end, and duration time will be automatically adjusted to match each other while editing time entries. Learn more

Once your timesheet is filled up you can hover your mouse over a specific entry and find some additional options:

  1. Shows computer activities assigned to this entry (only if you use the TimeCamp desktop app). Learn more

  2. Shows the report to all-time tracked on this task. Learn more

  3. Changes the date of this entry.

  4. Opens time entry history. Learn more

  5. Makes the entry billable/non-billable. Handy if you want to invoice tracked time later.

  6. Clone time entry within a selected day.

  7. Delete a selected time entry.

Once an entry is deleted the action can’t be undone and data can’t be restored. To recreate the deleted time entry check the history of your Timesheet.

You can also edit timeframes, change assigned tasks, add tags and notes to your entries at any time. To change a task, simply click on it on your time entry and select a different one from the list. 

Here you can learn more about editing, copying, and moving time entries.

As you’ve already noticed for those who use the desktop application there is additional functionality to review registered computer activities under the time entry. You will also find a green timeline on the Timesheet which shows the time you were working on the computer:

If you'd like to hide the Day view from your Timesheet please navigate to the Time Tracking settings and remove the checkbox next to the  Day Timesheet view. This way the Day view will be hidden for all users on your account.