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Week timesheet

Timesheet is one of the main sections in TimeCamp where you can track time to your projects, create and edit time entries and optionally add notes or tags for better categorizing. We prepared 3 types of timesheets: day, week, and calendar.

Timesheet is available for all subscription plans and all account roles.

A new TimeCamp timesheet app for desktop is available! Find it here – we truly appreciate your feedback!

The Week timesheet is a textual version where you can quickly fill in Timesheet with tasks and their duration time within the week. Week timesheet is a great solution for those who don't require to specify the exact start and end time of their working day and only counts the general duration time of each task they were working on.

Add task and time

Start timer button is not available in a Week view. It is possible only to manually add time to tasks.

To fill in your time through the week, start with selecting a task. Click on Select project and task and choose one from the task picker.

When task is selected you can optionally add tags and decide if time should be billable. Simply click on the "No tag" button to choose tags and click on the "dollar" icon to make time billable.

After the task is assigned continue inputting the number of hours you work on this task on each day within the selected week. Click on the field under a particular day and manually input time or choose a predefined value from the dropdown list.

Repeat these steps for each task you'd like to add to your timesheet. When your Timesheet is filled in you'll notice the Total column on the right-hand side of the table and the Total row at the bottom of the table.

Currently, it is not possible to change the selected task, edit tags, or billable flag. You need to delete the entire row and then select a new task and add its time.

"Total" column on the right shows the total amount of hours tracked on each task within the selected week.

"Total" row at the bottom shows the total amount of hours tracked for each day within the selected week.

If you would like to fill in your Timesheet for the past or future days, use the Date range filter to select the week you'd like to edit.

If you navigate to Day or Calendar view the inputted duration will be counted from 8 am on each day.  Time 8 am is set as the default start of the working day and it can't be changed. 

If you have similar tasks that differ only by one thing, e.g. tags, they will appear in different rows.

Currently, notes can be added only in Day and Calendar view.

Timesheet options

Week timesheet contains a few additional functionalities which will help to check the details of time entries.

On the top part, the Administrator of account has access to the People picker, which allows to choose a user from their team and view their Timesheet. Time Tracking Administrator also has the ability to edit other users' timesheets.

If you hover your mouse on a particular field and click on a "3 vertical dots" button a few additional options will appear:

  1. Shows if entry is billable. Handy if you want to invoice tracked time later.

  2. Opens time entry history. Learn more

  3. Shows the report to all-time tracked on this task. Learn more

  4. Shows number of time entries within the selected day and its timeframes;

  5. Shows if a note is added;

To delete a particular time simply click on its' field and erase the inputted number of hours.

To delete the entire task with all its inputted time hover your mouse on a specific raw and click on the red "trash" icon.

If you'd like to hide the Week view from your Timesheet please navigate to the Time Tracking settings and turn on the option Disallow Weekly Timesheet view. This way the Week view will be hidden for all users on your account.