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Task's time report

The time report of a specific task shows not only its total time but also presents budget, cost, and income statistics. Here you can find the list of all time entries assigned to a specific task and check what activities were registered during tracking time on that task.

The report's data might be presented differently depending on the project role of the user who is checking the report.

To open the task's time report navigate to the Projects module and hover your mouse on a task you'd like to check. Next click on the "report" icon next to it.

You'd be redirected to a time report of this specific task.

The tasks' time report allows using the Date range and People filter.

The top part of the report shows a simple graph where you can compare the amount of tracked time within the selected period.

Next, you can find a few statistics about the task:

  • the start date of tracking time - it is the day when first time entry for this task was created;
  • total hours tracked to this task - it also contains information about time marked as billable and non-billable;
  • total budget - in addition, it contains a small graph showing the already used hours budget;
  • total costs - it also contains information about billable and non-billable revenue;

Above the statistics, we can find two buttons Options and Move time to

The Options button allows selecting if the report should show billable time, non-billable time, and time for archived subtasks.

Here you can learn more about moving time to another task

At the bottom part of the report, we prepared a few tabs with different types of summaries.

Tasks tab shows the list with the total time tracked to the task and its subtasks within the selected period. Here you can also find the details of costs and income rates of each task, its budget, and assigned users.

People tab shows the list of users who tracked time on the task and its subtasks and the total hours tracked by each user.

Activities tab shows the list of websites and applications that were registered and assigned during tracking time to the task and its subtask. This report can be downloaded as an Excel file. If you would like to reassign some activities to another tasks you can do it directly on your Timesheet. 

Here you can learn how to move activities between tasks on a Day Timesheet and here you can find instructions explaining how to remove activities. 

Time entries tab shows the list with all entries assigned to the task during the selected period. This report can be downloaded as an Excel file. If you click on total hours next to the specific time entry you'll be redirected to the Timesheet where you can edit it or delete it.

Tags tab shows the list of all tags assigned to the selected task. Here you can find the total amount of time assigned to a specific tag and the name of user who used that tag.