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Troubleshooting steps

We prepared a few steps to help you troubleshoot issues experienced in a web browser. 

If you're experiencing any problems with loading reports, switching filters, the correctness of data, or updating settings in a web browser, please follow these recommendations.

1. Refresh

The first step we recommend to try is to refresh the website. If any issues with viewing saved changes,  updating filters, etc. occur, refreshing the website as a rule helps with such cases.

2. Relog

If refreshing the website doesn't help to solve the problem and doesn't update data on the website, try relogging to your TimeCamp account. Please log out and then log in again to check if the problem you were experiencing persists.

3. Incognito/Private mode

If after refreshing the website and relogging problem persists, we suggest opening a new Incognito/Private window in your browser. Use the incognito mode to log in and verify if everything works correctly or if you still experiencing any issues.

4. Clear the cache

If everything works correctly with incognito/private mode in your browser we recommend clearing the history of your browsing data for the "All time" period. 

The cache can take up a lot of storage space. Sometimes it can cause the website to display data incorrectly, glitch, or even crash. That's why after clearing the history of your browser the website should start working correctly in a normal viewing mode as well.

Here you can find a few examples of how to clear the cache in different browsers: https://help.timecamp.com/help/clearing-the-cache

5. Different browser

If none of the above worked for you, you can try opening TimeCamp in a different browser. If everything works correctly and the problem you're experiencing occurs only with one specific browser, please send us this information in the  Contact Form including the browser version in your message.

If the provided steps didn't help to solve the problem, please send us all details of your issue including screenshots or a video with examples via the Contact Form.

To diagnose problems regarding the desktop app please send us the log files from your computer following these instructions.