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What should I incorporate in a ticket for the Support team?

If you can't find answers to your queries in our documentation, please fill in the Contact Form and add as many details as possible:

  1. Provide us with the email address of your TimeCamp account;

  2. Describe the issue - which module it concerns, does any message appear, if the error occurs then how many users experiencing it, if the problem concerns projects provide us with their exact title;

  3. Upload screenshots or short screen recordings, which show the problem - the more detailed the better;

  4. Tell us what you would like to achieve - it will help us understand your needs better and find the best solution;

  5. If the problem is related to a desktop application, send us its logs - in many cases we will need them; instructions can be found here;

Wrong duration of the time entry

If the duration of your time entry doesn’t reflect the time spent on the task check the timesheet’s settings - click on the three-dot icon above the green Start timer button and check the option called Synchronise timeframe with duration when editing time entry

If it is turned on, the duration will reflect the time of the start and stop (or the other way around), if it is turned off timeframes and duration time will not match. Learn more here.

I can’t see the Settings button

If you can’t see the settings gear it is more than sure that you don’t have the Administrator’s role on the account. If you need access to settings, please contact the Administrator of your account to change your role.

My reports show no data

If you don’t see any data in the report check the applied filters:

  • Time range - make sure that entries were added during the selected timeframe;
  • Projects - make sure that you have access to the selected project. To see a full report for the project you need to be either a Project Manager or have the permission of the Time Tracking Administrator;
  • People - make sure that selected users have added time entries to the selected project in the selected time range;
  • Active/archived - archived projects will be visible in the report only if you select the correct filter - either Active and archived or Archived;
  • Tags - make sure that selected ones were added to selected projects;
  • Invoiced status - choose the correct status of entries;

In case everything is correct but the time is still not visible, please check if the same issue occurs in the incognito/private mode and clear the cache.

Why can't I assign any task to the time entry?

If you can’t see any projects and tasks both in the project module and in the task picker on your timesheet you’re most likely not assigned to any project. 

Please contact the Administrator of your account to manage the assignment and check your tracking permissions.

I can’t see my computer activities

In case the Activities report is empty please check the following options:

  • make sure that you have downloaded the desktop application and application is running;

  • navigate to Settings and open the Computer time settings. Verify if your settings are adjusted correctly. Here you can learn more about Computer time settings;

I can’t see my team’s computer activities

n case the Activities report for users from your team is empty please check the following options:

  • make sure that each user from your Team has downloaded the desktop application and that it is running. You can check that by opening the Computer time > User statistics report on the left-side menu. Red notification None under the App version means that there is no desktop app installed;

  • navigate to Settings and open the Computer time settings. Verify if the settings "Keep all computer usage tracking information entirely private and not shared with anyone besides the user that tracked that time" is disabled;

Which activities are gathered by the desktop app?

The desktop app recognizes website and apps’ usage, and window titles - which allows you to find out how much of your time you spend on each tool or website. If you don’t need such data, you can easily turn off the computer usage tracking and use the TimeCamp app only for tracking projects' time. 

To turn off the tracking you need the Administrator’s permission. Navigate to Settings and open the Computer time settings, then uncheck unnecessary options. 

Here you can learn more about Computer time settings.

How to remove the Unassigned computer activities from my Timesheet?

There are a few options that can help to remove the Unassigned computer activities from your Timesheet:

  • assign these activities to other entries on your Timesheet within the selected day. The instructions are here.
  • enable the option  "Track activities only when the timer for a task is running" in the account settings. It will help to get rid of the “Unassigned activities” entry. The instructions are here.
  • delete registered activities in the Computer time > Activities section. The instructions are here.

How to export my Timesheet?

In order to export the timesheet, you need to go to the Reports section on the left side menu and generate a Detailed type of report. Define the required timeframe and select one of the available export formats.

Here you can learn more about report exporting options.

Is TimCamp available in different languages?

TimeCamp is available in a few languages. Currently, you can change the language to one of the following:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)

To change the language click on your name in the right upper corner to get to the Profile settings tab. Here you can simply select the desired language from the drop-down list and save settings.

Is dark mode available?

Yes, you can choose one of the following themes:

  • Modern
  • Dark
  • Higher contrast

To change the mode click on your name in the right upper corner to get to the Profile settings tab. Here you can simply select the desired Theme from the drop-down list and save the settings.

How to close the desktop app?

To close the desktop app click on its icon (right-click if using Windows) to open the menu and choose the Exit option.  Depending on the account settings you may be asked to enter the Administrator's password.

Why can't I see my integration tasks?

The most common reason for disappearing integration tasks is that they went archived.  Once the project is marked as completed/done in integration itself it automatically archives in TimeCamp and you cannot track time to it anymore. You can check if this task is on the list of Archived projects in TimeCamp.

In case you have just created a new task and it is not synced yet, please click the “Force synchronization” option on TimeCamp web Timesheet. Synch will be executed within a few seconds.

502 error

What is the 502 error? Well, it could be server overload.

How to fight it? The issue is not on your side. Whenever the issue happens, our eyes are on it and it is usually fixed in 10-15 minutes.