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The Clients management page allows you to create and manage the list of your clients. With this list, you can easily fill up the invoice billing information, which is required to finish creating your invoices.

The Clients list is required only due to the Invoicing purpose. It is not possible to use this list to track time on Timesheet.

The Clients module will appear on the left side menu after you enable the Invoicing feature

The Clients panel allows you to easily navigate to the Invoicing module. Just click on the Manage Invoices in the upper right corner and you’ll be redirected to your invoices.

Creating a Clients list

To create a client just click on the green New client button and add the following information.

You can add the first and last name or the organization name of your client, the email, and the billing address. Also, you can define the currency which will be applied to this client’s future invoices.

The organization name is the only required field. You won’t be able to create or edit your client if the organization name is not provided.

To edit a certain client just click on their name so the edit panel will appear. After you finish editing please click on the Save button

To delete the client simply click on the “trash” icon next to this client.

It is not possible to delete Clients that were already added to invoices.

Clients can be also added while creating an invoice. instead of selecting the existing one from the list just click on the green “New client” button next to the search box.

If your TimeCamp account is integrated with QuickBooks, the list of clients will be imported from QuickBooks to TimeCamp.

Assigning Clients to projects

Clients section is available only for Invoicing purposes. It allows only assigning client to a specific invoice.

It is not possible to assign a Client from this list to a project or task or to use this list to track time on Timesheet.

There are a few workarounds that allow allocating tracked time to a specific client:

  • Naming projects and tasks after clients. You can combine projects names, create a project named after a Client and add a list of tasks or create a project and add clients as a list of tasks to this project. Learn more about the Projects section;
  • Creating a list of tags and name tags after Clients. Tags can be assigned time tracked on projects and tasks, which allows to easily organize and group summary time by tags when creating an invoice.  Learn more about the Tags feature;